Pragma Helsinki

Pragma Helsinki was created based on the need to develop sustainable working conditions in collaboration with artists. We help our clients to achieve their professional dreams by supporting them through every step of the journey, from recognizing needs to filing reports. We have an understanding of how the artist can attain his or her goals and ideals without compromising the artistic content. With us, the artist will find a competent and pragmatic partner who can take care of any assignment, from production, administration and/or sales. 

It was clear from the very start of Pragma Helsinki that we as producers and managers need to determine our common values and let them guide us in our decision-making. While recognizing our values, the words that frequently came up were: partnership, professionalism, open-mindedness, compassion and reliability. These values are the foundation of Pragma and we aim to convey them in everything we do. Now and in the future.

Pragma Helsinki is located in Helsinki, Finland.

Pragma Helsinki has been born from a two-year development project ignited by Dance Info Finland and CircusInfo Finland. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland.

Nea Granlund

Nea is experienced in event production, b2b sales and performing arts productions. She is responsible for international and national sales at Pragma Helsinki. In addition to dance and circus, her heart beats especially to Rescue Dogs, flamenco, big cities and salty liquorice. If you come across her, remember to say hello – Nea is a super talent when it comes to networking!

Salla Kurronen

Salla has gained her experience as a producer from various fields of culture and arts. Her first love in arts was contemporary circus, however during the years she has specialised more broadly in performing arts, festivals and large scale city events. Planning and executing successful processes as a team makes her thrilled but she’s not afraid to take the lead when needed. Salla has a soft spot for beautiful vintage interiors, Finnish forests and tranquility of a lake view.

Essi Brunberg

Essi is a press officer, communications specialist, and translator who has worked extensively in the performing arts field with various festivals, events, individual performances, and publications. Essi adores cats, tea, and tabletop role-playing games, and they are always looking to improve their knowledge on inclusivity and representation.

Thoughts of the artists

Pragma has brought a new, important, and much-needed production model to the performing arts field. Long may it live!

– Sanna Kekäläinen, Kekäläinen & Company

We have been Pragma Helsinki’s clients from the beginning. The collaboration has been affable, smooth, and professional.

– Päivi Aura, Auraco

As one of Pragma’s first clients, MimoArt Company has both grown and been privy to the development of something new in the arts field. With their clear vision and reliable work that takes their clients’ needs into account, Pragma has become a significant and exemplary part of the arts field. The professional, versatile, and dedicated partnership that Pragma has offered us has been vitally important for our young but ambitious Company.

– Mimosa Lindahl, MimoArt Company

Our small independent group decided to invest a portion of a project grant in developing our strategic work.

We met with Pragma once a month for almost a year. The work was flexible and we always discussed whatever was most relevant at the time. For instance, we worked on our strategy, furthering sales, the marketing texts of various shows, and both operating and development grants.

We worked with Nea Granlund in particular, and we were impressed with how quickly she mastered things that varied each meeting with a firm and extensive expertise and determination. We gained help with both big and small matters, and even with important details. It’s great that even with the end of our project grant, we can continue our relationship with individual consultations whenever needed and when our resources allow.

– Recover Laboratory