Väkevä & Lyydia is a combination of two outdoor shows which can be performed indoors as well.


An intimate circle of audience will shape a living manège for the performer who is introducing the history of the circus stunts he will show a living example. The spectator will not be a bystander but has a chance to take part and have an active role of an old circus strongman ritual where humor is not forgotten. Sasu Peistola is the strongman and iron jaw in Väkevä. Strength, skill and presence are the essence of this truly memorable one-man show.

Creative team:

Performer and concept: Sasu Peistola
Directed: Sasu Peistola and Sakari Männistö
Dramaturgy: Sakari Männistö
Texts: Sasu Peistola
English translation: Sakari Männistö
Costume design: Kaisa Kemikoski
Set assistance: Kaisa Kemikoski
Production: Agit-Cirk
Teaser and trailer: Jori Reunanen
Photos: Ari Kauppila
Duration: 30 min
Age recommendation: adults, young audiences 5+


In Lyydia contemporary circus solo the performer is facing the audience from three feet away. The performance is specialized in climbing around the structure of a wooden space KomsioDome.

Dynamic lyrical movement, equilibre and climbing are carefully combined with a specially detailed vivid music. The odd set of masculine equipment and showing distinctive skills are based on the research of fear and excitement. It makes the show dark and beautiful.

Creative team:

Performer and concept: Jenni Lehtinen
Choreographer and movement director: Natasha Lommi
Sound design: Janne Hast
External eye: Natasha Lommi and Tuomas Vuorinen
Costume design: Johanna Lehtinen
Set design: Jenni Lehtinen
Set assistance: Kaisa Kemikoski
Production: Agit-Cirk
Trailer and full video: Miikkael Kukkula
Photos: Ari Kauppila
Duration: 35 min
Age recommendation: adults, young audiences 5+

Agit-Cirk is an association for circus arts and music and it was founded in 2005. The members of Agit-Cirk work in circus arts, music and poetry. Their mission is to create and produce unique and modern high-level multidisciplinary circus art performances. One of our goals is to introduce circus arts to new audiences by taking performances to places and events where circus arts have not been seen before. 

Agit-Cirk’s performances have been seen all around Scandinavia, Europe, Russia, New Zealand and the U.S.A.