Vaarna (2021)

Vaarna is a surrealistic performance that blends juggling, installation art, and physical theatre. Hypnotic and mesmerising to the senses, it creates a dialogue between the imaginations of both the performer and the spectator by presenting lighthearted and touching images that evoke different emotions and thoughts, depending on the viewers’ personal experiences.

A kinetic and disorienting performance of motion and mood, Vaarna’s breathtaking light design, soulful music, and the jugglers’ object manipulation combine into an artistically versatile experience that is curious and playful, personal and touching – like a stream of consciousness in visual form.

Artistic concept & performance: Olli Vuorinen, Isak Lindberg / Merri Heikkilä
Light design: Teo Lanerva
Music & sound design: Petteri Rajanti
Costume design: Anne Jämsä
Dressmaker: Elina Tuomisto
Production: Nuua & Pragma Helsinki
Photos: Jeromy Zwick, Jouni Ihalainen & Teo Lanerva
Age recommendation: Adults, Youth, Children 8+
Duration: 60 min (no intermission)
Stage dimensions: 10 m x 8 m x 6 m
Premiere: 2nd Sep 2021 Cirko – Center for New Circus
On tour: 2 performers, 1 technician
Bookings & information: Nea Granlund, Pragma Helsinki

Past tours
1st – 5h Feb 2022 Valve kulttuuritalo, Flow-sirkus, in Oulu, Finland
2nd – 12th Sep 2021 Cirko – Center for New Circus, in Helsinki, Finland
5th September 2021 at Performing HEL Showcase, in Finland

Future tours
Dec 2022 LEME – Contemporary Circus Festival, in Porto, Portugal
TBA 2023 Baltoppen LIVE, in Denmark
TBA March 2023 in Norway

Support: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The City of Helsinki, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Kulturgjuteriet Borrby, Samuel Huber Foundation

Vaarna Trailer

Nuua Company is a Finnish new generation contemporary circus and visual theatre group founded in 2012 by Olli Vuorinen and Luis Sartori do Vale. It has redeemed its place in the international field of contemporary circus with its experimental works. Nuua collaborates with various artists bringing internationally trained circus artists to Finland and creating a new vision for contemporary circus in Finland. Nuua has developed a direction in which the circus is understood as an unifying element of different performing art forms. Nuua renews juggling as object theatre, concepts connecting body and object movements and explores the theatrical expression of circus skills. 

Nuua’s works are designed and implemented together so that each member of the working group contributes to the artistic content as an equal member. Nuua wants to provide a safe environment for artistic work where one can question the norms of circus, learn new skills and create collaboratively in a way that makes each performance unique and rich.

Nuua’s first performance ”Lento” (2013) has reached over 35 000 spectators in 11 different countries. The second one “Taival” (2016) has been seen in 5 countries. The third one “Hede” (2018) is currently touring and new shows “Vaarna” (2021), “Kulovalkea” (2021), “Meanwhile” (2022) and “Blueberry Burdock” (2023) are currently under production.