Mr. Kookaburra and Kukkaroo (2015) 

Mr. Kookaburra is a good-natured silly, singing goof, messy, laughing, with tousled hair, a winged fool. And wherever Mr. Kookaburra goes, he leaves a mark: an untidy and filthy area. But snappy Kukkaroo is another kind. She gets irritated if the world is not the way it should be, places in order and the hat tilted to the right angle. And if there is something she dislikes, it’s trash.

In the Australian aboriginals’ mythology, the kookaburra bird is the morning awakener, whose loud laughter is impossible to ignore. Also in this story, he awakens both himself and the audience. Through humorous characters, the play approaches big themes: littering, friendship, diversity and tolerance.

This Auraco’s visual, non-verbal performance combines dance, mime and clownery. 

Creative team

Direction: Päivi Aura
Performers: Jouni Bäckström, Sami Kurppa and Kati Lehtola
Music: Jouni Bäckström, Sami Kurppa
Lighting: Keijo Vainio
Costumes: Piritta Kämi-Conway
Picture: Keanne van de Kreeke
Production: Auraco and City of Helsinki Cultural Office
Duration: 40 min
Age recommendation: yound audiences, 4+
Premiere: 19.9.2015, Kanneltalo, in Helsinki, Finland

Auraco was founded in 2006 and the company is based in Helsinki. Since 2010 Auraco is one of the most internationally touring Finnish dance companies, with 25 countries so far in Europe and Asia.

Auraco’s performances trust the performers’ presence and the vulnerability of the movement itself. With minimalistic or no décor, the performers fill the empty stage, creating a responsive atmosphere. The relationship with the audience is open and sensitive. The performances break boundaries between the performers and the audience. Audience development is a key element of Auraco’s work.