OPIA (Premiere in 2021)

Johanna Nuutinen +CO’s new creation OPIA dives eyes first into the ever present questions relating to looking, being looked at, how do we perceive form and how do we form meaning from what we see. No one person sees the meaning of a thing in the same way as the person next to them. We constantly fill in the missing information and construct filters that change the meaning of what we perceive. We all live within a personal illusion that we have constructed based on our previous experiences. How can we encounter each other and find ways to communicate when we literally can’t see eye to eye?

OPIA explores the world behind the gaze through virtuoso dance, surrealistic space design and captivating soundscape. The work takes the shape of a triptych of two solos and a duet that can be seen as separate works or as one whole.

Visualist Joonas Tikkanen is in charge of the mesmerising stage design which divides the stage in two sections. These spaces create a captivating rhythm for the work which is built out of three performative parts. In addition to Joonas Tikkanen and choreographer Johanna Nuutinen the artistic team includes Tuomas Norvio, a Säde award-winning sound designer based in Helsinki. Tuomas Norvio creates sound for the entire work in real time by mixing the audio tracks extracted from the performer’s speech. The sound in this work creates layers of interpretation and possibilities of meaning.

Creative team:​

Choreography & concept: Johanna Nuutinen
Performers: Jenna Broas, Justus Pienmunne
Music & sound desing: Tuomas Norvio
Light, set, visual desing & concept: Joonas Tikkanen
Dramaturgical support: Jarkko Lehmus
Costume design: Erika Turunen
Co-Production partner: Zodiak – Center for New Dance
Duration: 45–50 min
Age recommendation: 12+
Upcoming premiere: 23rd March 2021, at Zodiak – Center for New Dance, Helsinki, Finland

Supporters: Tero Saarinen Company, Teatermaskinen Riddarhyttan, Dance Base Edinburgh, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Samuel Huber Foundation

The production platform Johanna Nuutinen + CO was formed in 2016 in order to support the work choreographer Johanna Nuutinen creates with a team of highly talented and visionary sound, light and costume designers as well as performing artists and dramaturges. The sensing, sensitive, poetic and vulnerable, yet strong and versatile body together with bold visual worlds are at the core of all of their artistic work. The company has toured at Jyväskylä Dance Festival (Finland) Danse Festival Barents (Norway), Beijing Dance Festival (Chica), Hangzhou Dance Festival (China), Full Moon Dance Festival (Finland), Open Look Festival (Russia), BIDFF (Romania), OuDance Festival (Finland) and iDance festival (Hong Kong) among others.

During the next three years Johanna and her team will be investigating the world of senses and our sensory experience. The series will consist out of three works that deal with visual perception as well as tactile and auditory senses through virtuosic motion, hypnotic visuality and the visceral world of sound. The first work of this series, OPIA (2020), dives eyes first into the ever present questions relating to looking, being looked at, how do we perceive form and how do we form meaning from what we see. The second part of the series 8HZ (season 2021–2022) investigates our auditory sense from the point of view of noise pollution.

Kinesteetikot ry serves as the background organisation of Johanna Nuutinen + CO. Kinesteetikot ry is a non- profit association founded in 2015. The aim of the association is to advance embodied consciousness in the society, support the development of dance and theatre as art forms, further the collaboration between different art forms and the dialogue between art and science in Finland as well as internationally.