IRIS (2017)

A full-length stage production directed by Johanna Nuutinen in collaboration with filmmaker Jukka Rajala-Granstubb. The multidisciplinary work explores the themes of strength, desire and survival through the mediums of dance, film and photography. IRIS includes six short dance films which work in sync with two renowned performers on stage and as a separate unit on film festivals.

The content for the piece has been collected by interviewing 17 people in their 80s – 90s. The project started from our curiosity to explore what one wants to speak about when there is not much life left to live anymore and which type of memories have been the most meaningful? What does a person with so much life experience want to tell us if we stop, listen and offer our immediate presence? We found out, that in the end of it all, each one of these women and men were sitting in front of us as heroes. Carrying the life lived like an armor on their shoulders, having received a new strength each time when figuring their way through a challenge. Heroes who carry plenty of wisdom for us to learn and be inspired by. The material from these interviews has now been distilled into five surrealistic stories which create a journey traveling between the sensitive stage scenery and raw landscapes on film.

Concept & choreography: Johanna Nuutinen
DOP: Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
Script: Johanna Nuutinen, Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
Movement dramaturgy: Jarkko Lehmus
Light design: Joonas Tikkanen
Original score: Tuomas Norvio in collaboration with Tapani Rinne
Foley sounds: Stefan Backas
Editing: Mervi Junkkonen, Jukka Rajala-Granstubb
Costume design and styling: Minttu Vesala
Performers on stage: Nathalie Ruiz, Yvan Auzely or Jonna Aaltonen, Eero Vesterinen
Performers on film: Alma Äijö, Anni Koskinen, Onni Hämäläinen, Filip Forsström, Yvan Auzely, Nathalie Ruiz, Eila Ilola and Kari Harju
Duration: 55 min
Age: 7+
Premiere: 27th Sep 2017 at Turbiinisali, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland
On tour: 2 performers, 1 technician, 1 choreographer
Bookings & information: Nea Granlund, Pragma Helsinki

Future tours

Past tours
27th Sep – 13th Oct 2017, Turbiinisali, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland
7th Sep 2018, Bucharest Film Festival, Romania
12th – 13th Sep 2018, Jumping Frames Film Festival, Hong Kong
27th Sep 2018, Pohjanmaa tanssii Festival, Vaasa, Finland
8th Nov 2018, Barents Danse Festival, Hammerfest, Norway
9th – 20th Nov 2018, Theatre Viirus, Helsinki, Finland
6th – 7th Nov 2020, JoJo – Oulu Dance Center, Oulu, Finland

Trailer of IRIS

The production platform Johanna Nuutinen + CO was formed in 2016 in order to support the work choreographer Johanna Nuutinen creates with a team of highly talented and visionary sound, light and costume designers as well as performing artists and dramaturges. The sensing, sensitive, poetic and vulnerable, yet strong and versatile body together with bold visual worlds are at the core of all of their artistic work.

During the next three years Johanna and her team will be investigating the world of senses and our sensory experience. The series will consist out of three works that deal with visual perception as well as tactile and auditory senses through virtuosic motion, hypnotic visuality and the visceral world of sound. The first work of this series, OPIA (2020), dives eyes first into the ever present questions relating to looking, being looked at, how do we perceive form and how do we form meaning from what we see. The second part of the series 8HZ (season 2021–2022) investigates our auditory sense from the point of view of noise pollution.

Kinesteetikot ry serves as the background organisation of Johanna Nuutinen + CO. Kinesteetikot ry is a non- profit association founded in 2015. The aim of the association is to advance embodied consciousness in the society, support the development of dance and theatre as art forms, further the collaboration between different art forms and the dialogue between art and science in Finland as well as internationally.

The company has toured at Jyväskylä Dance Festival (Finland) Danse Festival Barents (Norway), Beijing Dance Festival (Chica), Hangzhou Dance Festival (China), Full Moon Dance Festival (Finland), Open Look Festival (Russia), BIDFF (Romania), OuDance Festival (Finland) and iDance festival (Hong Kong) among others.