This is about identity. Feminine, northern identity or weird, multiple identity. Or whatever identity. This is asking questions from the heart of Human diversity. This is what is the not quite right. This is how identity formulates life. How culture modifies identity. This is about what/who is a woman and what/who is a man. Is there a(ny) difference? This is about controversial existence. This is a palimpsest of feminine existence.
This is a clashing of northern reality – identity – with the volcanic landscape of the return of the repressed. My aim is to shake the power structures, our structures, power lines. This is about the obsession with identity and, at the same time, its destruction. This is off the bounds.
– Sanna Kekäläinen–

Creative team:

Script, choreography, text and dance: Sanna Kekäläinen
Lighting design: Heikki Paasonen
Music: Dmitri Shostakovich and Niko Likainen
Production: K&C Kekäläinen & Company and Kiasma-teatteri
Graphic design: Oona Airas
Duration: 60 min
Spoken language: in English
Age recommendation: adults
Premiere: 18.9.2013 at Kiasma Theatre, in Helsinki, Finland


The mission of Kekäläinen & Company is to promote dance as an intellectual art form with strong potential in political and poetic communication. The creator of K&C is choreographer–dancer Sanna Kekäläinen. Her work expands the experience of a dance performance by combining philosophy, gender studies, text and conceptual thinking from the feminist angle with highly original movement language.

The international dialogue is essential to K&C. Since its birth in Helsinki in 1996 the company has toured extensively and it has been recognised as courageous, thought provoking and outstanding in the homeland as well as around the world.