About humankind’s irreversible effect on the biosphere

If I Would Lose My Voice, a brand new production by Kekäläinen & Company, is an extraordinary display of humanity’s impact on Earth’s transformation. It is a thought-provoking piece about the state of the world, and how the actions of humankind are affecting nature more than ever before.

In recent years, it has become commonly accepted that the Earth has shifted into an entirely new era, the Anthropocene, in which human beings have become the driving force affecting the world’s ecosystems, geology and climate. With her new stage piece for the Finnish National Theatre, Sanna Kekäläinen creates an fictive constellation in which this new era can be envisioned and imagined through artistic work.

The stage of the Finnish National theatre is where things begin to unfold. The situation is threatening, there is something unsettling and irrevocable about the event. We have exploited the world and slowly, because of this, a new Earth has come alive under us, with new soil, new waters, new rivers and zones. This new Earth has begun to move, to tremble, react and froth: the Earth is revolting.

If I Would Lose My Voice is a piece consisting of two independent parts commenting on each other. The first part is named Voice and the second is My Friend Ed.

Sanna Kekäläinen is the founder of Kekäläinen & Company and an undisputed pioneer of Finnish contemporary dance. During her career she has created more than 70 stage productions that have been presented both nationally and abroad. With the piece If I Would Lose My Voice she moves on from her autofictive work tackling gender politics to a new form of fictional reality.

Creative team:

Performers: Andrius Katinas, Sanna Kekäläinen and Janne Marja-aho
Script, direction and choreography: Sanna Kekäläinen
Sound design: Antti Nykyri
Lighting design: Anniina Veijalainen
Duration: 90 min (no intermission)
Spoken language: in English
Age recommendation: adults
Premiere: 16ht August 2020, Finnish National Theatre, Main Stage, in Helsinki, Finland

Future tours

Past tours
16th – 17th Aug 2020, Finnish National Theatre, Main Stage, Helsinki Finland
24th Sep 2020, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland
26th Sep 2020, Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

Trailer of If I Would Lose My Voice
Teaser of If I Would Lose My Voice

The mission of Kekäläinen & Company is to promote dance as an intellectual art form with strong potential in political and poetic communication. The creator of K&C is choreographer–dancer Sanna Kekäläinen. Her work expands the experience of a dance performance by combining philosophy, gender studies, text and conceptual thinking from the feminist angle with highly original movement language.

The international dialogue is essential to K&C. Since its birth in Helsinki in 1996 the company has toured extensively and it has been recognised as courageous, thought provoking and outstanding in the homeland as well as around the world.