BODY NOTES combines dance, theatre and new clownery in unforeseen way. The piece has it’s foundation in the dialogue of arts, built on the idea of the comprehensiveness of the work. This manifests itself in improvisational play as well as in the seamless collaboration of beautifully executed movement, -visual aspects, and the –soundscape.

The work operates in the terrain of butoh, contemporary dance, physical mime, new clownery, visual theatre and sound art with each one commenting on the others. The ensemble’s language of movement places its trust in the present moment, improvisation, and the performer’s art that originates in the persona of each individual. 

Establishing interfaces among different genres and forms of art, this all-encompassing piece takes the viewer into a visual and physical world – to the fine lines that separate the grotesque, the beautiful, and the comical.

“Body Notes is an improvisational journey to all possible stage expression forms. It feels deep in the body and soul, shakes, stretches, amuses and moves you. Body Notes is an extremely visual, clownery, butoh dance, sound art, and martial arts-driven trip to the possibilities of the human body.”
– Maria Säkö, Helsingin Sanomat 2017

Creative team:

Director and Concept: Mimosa Lindahl
Performers and creative team: Miro Lopperi, Saska Pulkkinen, Marko Pakarinen, Mikael Kuosmanen, Sergio Castrillón (cello), Arto-Oskar Reunanen (set designer), Ilmari Karhu (orig. light designer), Karel Šimek (lights on tour), Jaakko Autio (orig. sound designer), Viljami Lehtonen (sound on tour)
Duration: 75 min
Age recommendation: adults, young audiences 4+
Premiere: 21.4.2017, in Helsinki, Finland

MimoArt Company is a performing art group that produces artistic and pedagogical work of Mimosa Lindahl and Arto-Oskar Reunanen on a fields of theatre, dance and circus. Company’s artistic work and Lindahls all-encompassing directing skills on the area of Physical and Visual Contemporary Performance is representing a new coming of the Finnish Performing Art. Company was founded in 2016 and is based in Helsinki but collaborates with both Finnish and international artists.MimoArt Companys debute piece BODY NOTES was praised by the audience and art critics on its first season in Finland spring 2017. International tour started on 2018.