Blueberry Burdock (Premiere in 2023)

Blueberry Burdock is an upcoming solo piece by circus artist & director Olli Vuorinen, directed by Thomas Monckton. It is a journey of a character overwhelmed by an abundance of options, losing himself and reality to a labyrinth of indecision. Expressed through a combination of visual narration, object manipulation, and comical absurdity, Blueberry Burdock dances playfully in a place of limbo.

Relatably, the character tries in vain to create order out of a careless chaos, losing himself further down a rabbit hole of nonsense. His body, environment and objects seem to have their own minds. He gets entangled in contradictory road signs, flips solid walls, and loses surprisingly large objects – it’s like a giant puzzle where none of the pieces quite fit. He moves in a surreal world where things, places, and objects are constantly changing forms giving them new interpretations.

Blueberry Burdock is a place in the middle of nowhere, at the crossroads of the mind, a combination of surreal scenes and bodily narratives that express the complexity of the lived experience. It is at the same time everywhere and nowhere, inside and outside, still and constant changing, an oddly satisfying experience.

Blueberry Burdock freely combines the techniques of physical theater, juggling and object manipulation. The work is based on Vuorinen’s years of artistic research on bodily conflicts and various materials and objects.

Vuorinen has worked with humorous and carefully choreographed object manipulation for years. The performance is directed by Thomas Monckton, an established practitioner of physical theater and clownery. Rehearsals for the work began in September 2020. The final production and premiere of the performance will take place in 2022.

Direction: Thomas Monckton
Performer: Olli Vuorinen
Sound design: Konsta Leinonen
Costume design: Iida Ukkola
Set design: Kalle Oja
Light design: Teo Lanerva
Production: Nuua & Pragma Helsinki
Co-Production: Kallo Collective
Age recommendation: General audience 
Photos: Sami Sorasalmi
Duration: Approx. 50 min
Premiere: TBC 2023
On tour: 1 performers, 1 technician
Bookings & information: Nea Granlund, Pragma Helsinki

Supports: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Helsinki, Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth

Teaser of Blueberry Burdock

Nuua Company is a Finnish new generation contemporary circus and visual theatre group founded in 2012 by Olli Vuorinen and Luis Sartori do Vale. It has redeemed its place in the international field of contemporary circus with its experimental works. Nuua collaborates with various artists bringing internationally trained circus artists to Finland and creating a new vision for contemporary circus in Finland. Nuua has developed a direction in which the circus is understood as an unifying element of different performing art forms. Nuua renews juggling as object theatre, concepts connecting body and object movements and explores the theatrical expression of circus skills. 

Nuua’s works are designed and implemented together so that each member of the working group contributes to the artistic content as an equal member. Nuua wants to provide a safe environment for artistic work where one can question the norms of circus, learn new skills and create collaboratively in a way that makes each performance unique and rich.

Nuua’s first performance ”Lento” (2013) has reached over 35 000 spectators in 11 different countries. The second one “Taival” (2016) has been seen in 5 countries. The third one “Hede” (2018) is currently touring and new shows “Vaarna” (2021), “Kulovalkea” (2021), “Meanwhile” (2022) and “Blueberry Burdock” (2022) are currently under production.