Red Nose Company is one of the most renowned theatre companies in Finland. Over the years they’ve collaborated with all of the biggest theatres in Finland, including the national theatre.

Red Nose Company’s performances are skilful, intelligent, groovy, and visually stunning. In their performances, the company is excited to explore the humanity, comedy a well as the poetry of the stage. Red Nose Company will entertain and make the audience laugh, but at the same time, the actors still manage to tackle difficult subjects with a clown-like astonishment.  The company’s performances have addressed, among other things, active feminism, domestic violence, racism, European identity, political populism, and hate speech.

At the heart of Red Nose Company’s live performances is a connection, a special feeling of togetherness no matter the size of the audience. The actors love to meet different kinds of audiences and take their shows to all kinds of locations. A new circumstance is always an artistic possibility!

Currently there are six shows running, both classical plays and new scripts. For adults, the repertoire consists of  Don QuixoteBabylon, Trench Road, and Red Line, for families Frankenstein and The Emperor’s New Clothes. There are versions available in four different languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, and Spanish.

Bookings & information
For international bookings for Red Nose Company’s performances such as Frankenstein, Babylon, The Emperor’s New Clothes and Don Quixote, please contact Nea Granlund (Pragma Helsinki).

For bookings in Finland, please contact Red Nose Company‘s production team.

Photo: Tero Ahonen