Monolit Polygon – Artistic collaboration

A versatile and surprising work in which a large group forms visual puzzles; black fountains, crystallographic mirrors, weird insects. Chopin´s brilliant etudes flow between Jonas Sjöblom´s club music and electronic soundscapes. Thrilling solos rise from the breath waves of the corps de ballet.

Monolyt Polygon is a large–scale artistic collaboration by Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company. Pahkinen wishes to recreate her choreography Monolit Polygon with a large number of dancers in corps de ballet or with advanced level dance students together with her company’s own five soloists. Virpi Pahkinen is looking for international co-production partners to this artistic collaboration.

Inspiration for the work is taken from the Dutch visual artist and graphic designer M.C. Escher’s mathematical-organic illusions, crystallographic reflections and figures of eternal connections in unlimited spaces.

The project offers a great opportunity for young dancers to gain experience, knowledge and get inspiration from Pahkinen’s unique movement language. The aim of this co-operation is to premiere a stage work – Monolit Polygon – together with the partner in their local area or community.

Monolit Polygon at Stockholm City Theatre is the largest and possibly the most beautiful work that Virpi Pahkinen has created.” – Expressen

Monolit Polyon is a fascinating journey in a unique universe.” – Svenska Dagbladet

With razor sharp precision the bodies seem to bring about supernatural formations.”– Swedish Radio

Inspired by the mysteries of mathematics and philosophy, Virpi Pahkinen directs a large ensemble in the new work Monolit Polygon. Beautiful and touching with Pahkinen´s unmistakable movements.” – QX

Concept & choreography: Virpi Pahkinen
Dancers: Pontus Sundset Granat, Philip Sundset Granat, Hui-Han Hu Gustavsson, Thibault Monnier, Virpi Pahkinen
Dancers in 2018 performance: 21 dance students from Ballet Academy Stockholm
Original music: Jonas Sjöblom
Additional music: Frédéric Chopin, pianist Sebastian Di Bin, Centaus Records
Light design: Tobias Hallgren (Lumination of Sweden)
Costumes: Virpi Pahkinen, Yin Ai Ping
Choreography assistant: Pontus Sundset Granat
Producer: Gita Mallik from Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company
Duration: 60 min
Age: 8+
On tour: Company’s own ensemble including five dancers, 1 technician together with 15 or 21 local dancers (professional dancers in corps de ballet, or with advanced level dance students).
More information: Nea Granlund, Pragma Helsinki

Future collaboration
Virpi Pahkinen is currently working together with dance students of Jyväskylä Dance Institute from Finland. The outcome of this project will be premiered at Jyväskylä City Theatre’s main stage in Autumn 2021.

Past collaboration 
Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company carried out Monolit Polygon together with the students of the Ballet Academy from Stockholm. The premiere was held on 7th November 2018 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm (Sweden).

Trailer of Monolit Polygon (2018)

The works of Swedish–Finnish choreographer and dancer Virpi Pahkinen are full of secrets. On stage, Pahkinen sometimes embodies a spiritual warrior, a spectral gardener, or a shaman in metamorphosis. Pahkinen is well-known for her stunningly chiseled shapes and almost otherworldly moves that act like an incantation – creating a mysterious, meditative atmosphere. Pahkinen’s work has been performed to critical acclaim in 132 cities in 46 countries around the world.

Other than being commissioned by several companies such as Ballet Poznanski, Vietnamese National Opera Ballet, North 59° and Finnish National Opera Ballet, Pahkinen’s dance pieces have been staged on a vast list of venues – black box theatres, opera stages, art halls and outdoor festivals.

Among her many collaborators transcending the artistic borders are the famous theatre director Ingmar Bergman, and the world-renowned clarinetist Martin Fröst. 

In 2011 Pahkinen was awarded the Swedish royal medal Litteris et Artibus, for her outstanding artistic contributions as a dancer and choreographer. She was also awarded the City of Stockholm’s Cullberg Prize in 2014.

The magic of Virpi Pahkinen’s expression lies in the intense presence and interpersonal connection with audiences all over the world. With humour and gravity, Virpi Pahkinen’s choreographies offer to lead the way to new, deeper insights.